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On this page we have tried to concentrate a series of questions and related answers to help you understand the functioning and potential of "YOUSCANME.COM".

What is a QR-TAG?

It is a small device that has a thickness of about 3 mm and a negligible weight entirely made of resin. Inside it has a microcircuit and a memory on which the information necessary to activate the service offered by "YOUSCANME.COM" is written. Touching it with a new generation smartphone or tablet, or framing it on a cam, without using any specific App, will allow any interlocutor to instantly view your virtual business card.

Does my interlocutor have to have “YOUSCANME”?

No, your virtual business card can be read by anyone with a new generation smartphone, the service works with IOS and ANDROID.

Why can't I find the APP?

We will never share your data with anyone, for any reason, for any purpose.  Our QR-TAGs do not use any APP to deliver the virtual business card or even to receive it. On the other hand, to change the data on your virtual business card, access  from our website "YOUSCANME.COM" in the section "Login to Youscanme". The processes of configuration, reading and delivery of the virtual business card take place exclusively on our servers, no phase is delegated to third parties. 

What if I lose the QR-TAG?

Your QR-TAG is attached to your Smartphone, you have probably lost it too. An honest person who were to find it by reading the QR-TAG in a few moments would know who the rightful owner of the phone is, so he could contact him even just via social networks for the return. Having said that, just contact us via the  sito, we will take care of deactivating it.

Is my data safe?

To modify your virtual business card or in any case access your personal area you will not use an APP, but you will access your profile through our website "YOUSCANME.COM" at section "Log in to Youscanme which, in addition to regulating access with the most modern safety standards, adopts two-STEP authentication. For every single access it will not be enough to know the USER and the PASSWORD you will also have to enter a code that you will receive instantly in your email. Our servers are also equipped with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), so they are subjected to continuous, contextual, punctual and efficient monitoring. Your interlocutor will read your QR-TAG, then instantly display your virtual business card without using any password or any APP.​

What is the duration of a QR-TAG?

Practically unlimited, if it remains intact it is guaranteed for at least 100,000 requests, i.e. 25 years for an average user.​

Do QR-TAGs need power supply?

No, they don't require electricity, they don't have any batteries. They are in fact activated by the magnetic field generated by the Smartphone which touches them to read them. Therefore they do not consume energy, nor that of your smartphone, basically the microcircuit remains constantly off, it responds only to the electromagnetic stimulation generated by the smartphone that approaches for reading, Alternatively they can be framed in CAM and therefore read at a distance of 40cm approx.​

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

An annual subscription plan is included in the purchase of the QR-TAG, for further information go to the "Renewal plans" section of our website.​

Are QR-TAGs resistant?

The memory that allows the operation of the service is fused inside the resin of which the QR-TAGs are made, this process makes them resistant to shocks and accidental contacts with water. However, immersion in liquids is not recommended.​

Can the QR-TAGs be deactivated?

Yes, from our website "YOUSCANME.COM" at section "Log in to Youscanme  you can deactivate and reactivate them at your convenience.​

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